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Having a house party and need a little help? If you are preparing the food yourself or ordering from a restaurant and just need a helping hand; we will be there to make it as painless as possible. We can help set up before the event, keep a clean and organized party, and clean up at the end. The best compliment we can receive is at the end of the night when someone says "I felt like a guest at my own party." There is a 4 hour minimum per event.

Association Building cleaning

Our Help Team can clean your common areas weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. We focus on entryways and hallways, but also check the back stairwells and garages. Each visit will leave the building clear of debris inside and out. Twice a year we like to do a full clean to make sure the dust isn't settling. We can discuss any uncommon concerns during a site visit.

Rental Property Cleanup

Our Help Team can clean your rental property common areas weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or a couple times a year depending on your needs. Your renters will feel more at home when they walk into a clean building after a hard day of work.

Yard Work

Our Help Team can cut your grass, trim the bushes, weed the flower garden, and anything else you might need around the yard.

Snow Removal

Our Help Team can set up a monthly removal plan or work on a per snowfall basis. We can remove snow from all areas necessary and salt as needed.

Window Cleaning/Washing

Our Help Team can set up a cleaning schedule or come as necessary to keep your windows clean and clear. Sorry, we don't do high-rise buildings.

Gutter Cleaning

Our Help Team can clear the gutters in the spring and fall after the trees are done dropping seeds and/or leaves.


Our Help Team can assemble furniture, run errands, or any number of things where you need assistance.

Indoor Plant Care

Can't find anyone to volunteer to water the plants that make your building feel more comfortable? Our help team will come take care of them for you.


There are many other services that you may need that aren't listed; all you have to do is ask and we will let you know if we can provide assistance. Let our Help Team help you!